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Among many copywriters, there’s a fear that a machine might take over their job one day. While these ideas are yet to come true, figuring out what automated solutions will be available in the near future can help you reduce your workload and achieve more success faster. That’s why I’ve created this blog post with a list of eight top AI copywriting tools that will save you time and money in 2022.SEE OTHER TOOLS THAT ARE A MUST FOR BLOGGERS AND CONTENT CREATORS

Things to know

Although these copywriting tools are excellent, they can’t replace human creativity. You will need to apply your own brand voice and audience to make the content fit, possibly changing or removing sentences that don’t seem natural or appropriate. I also found out that they have excellent grammar but sometimes make weird and/or offensive statements.

Grammarly is a popular online grammar checker that can be used to eliminate most grammatical errors. I have personally used it on all of my articles, and I have found that it usually eliminates all large-scale grammatical errors. However, there are a few minor issues with this software – primarily colloquial sentence structures such as “According to Wikipedia” or “You can learn anytime, anywhere.” These small issues are not typically a cause for concern.

Criteria for the best AI copywriting tools.

All the content AI generated is of high-quality and does not require extensive manual editing.

  • Fast generation (your content should be ready in seconds).
  • Straightforward onboarding process
  • User-friendly platform
  • Provide excellent value for money
  • Receive mostly positive reviews from real users
  • My personal experience with the platform and customer support must be positive.
Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. You can read our affiliate disclosure in our privacy policy.


The CopyAI software helps me write articles faster and better. It rephrases my sentences so I can focus on writing. I recommend it to everyone who struggles with writer’s block. Using CopyAI has led to greater success in my online business.

If you frequently find yourself stumped for content to fill in product descriptions or social media captions, CopyAI can help you come up with something quickly. All you need to do is provide a brief explanation of what you need, such as topics you do not need the content for to be too long for a short description 10-30 words will suffice. However, better inputs lead to better results.

Inserting more information can make your samples more relevant to your audience. You can insert who you want to target and when you want to use them in less than 10 seconds. Your samples will be ready. You can save and copy the one you think is suitable for your content and modify it further.

Below is what CopyAI can create for you

  • Product descriptions
  • Ad headlines, Ad copy
  • Social media posts, captions, introductions, hooks, product showcases, carousel posts and many more
  • All text for landing pages
  • Blog ideas, blog intros, outlines, microcopy, meta descriptions
  • Email
  • Sales copy

I would like to elaborate a bit more on the sales copy you can use CopyAI to create various types of sales copy:

  • Pain-Agitate- Solution
  • Before-After-Bridge
  • Feature-Advantage-Benefit
  • Problem-Promise-Proof-Proposal
  • Feature-to-Benefit
  • Marketing Angles
  • QUEST formula

CopyAI can create a sales copy that is tailored to your specific needs. CopyAI’s language-learning AI algorithm can learn from your feedback and adjust to your wishes. It supports approximately 20 languages, including European, Chinese, Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese.

Furthermore, CopyAI can help you find ideas to improve your blog, social media content, and sales copy, as well as name ideas for your startup. This AI-powered tool can save time and increase productivity, as it finds viral trends and growth opportunities that would otherwise be overlooked.

CopyAI not only assists in writing good content; it makes writing better. You can simplify sentences, change the tone of a statement, or even make a convincing cover letter or birthday card with this tool. I find the “Flip Sentences Into 9 Distinct Tones” feature particularly useful. You can also use their Chrome extension for better workflows on Google docs.


  • Unlimited runs
  • Excellent samples: Content created is human-like, readable, understandable, and unarguably one of the best in the industry. It writes better than some human writers!
  • Easiest to use
  • Fast (Quality content can be ready in less than 5-10 seconds, many are instant.)
  • Excellent user interface
  • Capable of creating various types of content and even formulating a content strategy
  • Flawless additional writing tools (brainstorming tools to eliminate writer’s block)
  • Provides the highest variety of content to be created
  • Works in more than 20 languages


  • No complete blog post creation
  • Cannot assign specific to target in content
  • Minor grammatical errors in samples


The CopyAI annual plan costs $299 billed annually, or $49 billed monthly. What you’ll get is access to unlimited content creation, as well as to the premium community (still only one user seat though), and all the collaboration tools that CopyAI has to offer. But what if you need more than one user seat? Then you will have to contact them directly for custom pricing.START WITH COPY AI


Jarvis, a new AI copywriting tool, was created in order to solve the problems that affect almost every copywriter on a daily basis: writer’s block, poor conversion rates, and long working time.

These templates include

  • Product descriptions (for Amazon sales pages and eCommerce sites)
  • Social Network
  • Google Ads
  • Copywriting frameworks (AIDA, PAS
  • Video Content
  • Blog Content
  • Email marketing

The results yielded by the system are fantastic—I found that to be the case, and I think you might, too. However, I also want to note the importance of providing as much data as possible to ensure the best possible outcome. For optimum results, you can input as many as 400 words for AI (named “Jarvis”) to write the AIDA framework copy.

Like other AI copywriting tools, you can improve WeblogToolboom’s content by engaging its built-in writing features, You can use these features to improve your manually-created blog post content directly. For example when AI creates unreadable content, the tool can elaborate on it—and make the content readable for you. The final group of features is for brainstorming. WeblogToolboom helps you find keywords and topics that you might otherwise have missed. This is great if you need to write a marketing angle or a blog post outline.

Boss Mode is the latest premium feature from Jarvis. It helps human writers connect better with their A.I. counterparts so, in turn, they can make all employees more productive.

The Boss Mode can help the AI learn the context you are writing about, so it will generate more relevant texts and be able to execute direct commands such as “write a paragraph about cheese pizza.”

Boss Mode is an intelligent addition to the Textbroker platform. It definitely enhances the quality of AI-generated texts and speeds up your editing workflow by highlighting words that should be edited or replaced. However, it doesn’t entirely eliminate manual editing.


  • Starter – starting at $29 per month
  • Boss Mode – starting at $59 per month

Instead of a Starter plan that only allows you to engage in 50000 words of content generation, Jarvis now offers a Boss mode plan with 20000 words of content generation. This is because unlimited content generation is not enough for you to create numerous long-form blog posts in a month, an investment considered worth making by many users.

You will need to pay extra monthly fees to go above the limit. Alternatively, you can buy “Word Packs” as follows:

  • Starter Word Packs</strong> – $10 for 5000 words
  • Boss Mode Word Packs</strong> – $30 for 30000 words

Purchasing word packs with Jarvis is an investment that will pay off month after month. Unlike other AI copywriting tools, Jarvis does not limit the number of users for each plan.

Some peers allow a virtually unlimited number of words generated at similar pricing. However, if you are a blogger, freelancer, or professional copywriter, I am confident that you will go above that limit. When I used artificial intelligence to generate as many as 2,000 words or even more just to find a usable 100-word blog intro, I was very disappointed in the end-product.

So, to produce that much content at a rate of hundreds of thousands of words per month, you would either pay a lot in fees or buy Word Packs. I suggest this alternative if your goal is to use the AI technology to generate several hundred thousand words per month.


  • Easy to use and Fast
  • Beautiful User Interface
  • Very good results
  • Collaboration features are available for Pro plan users.
  • Connect with SurferSEO (content optimization tool) for AI to create SEO-friendly content
  • Unlimited users for both plans
  • 5-day money-back guarantee
  • Support 26 languages (European languages, Russian, Japanese, Chineese)
  • Offers free trial.



I previously omitted Writesonic from this list because of its lack of features, but the tool’s developers have recently released many new features, making the tool more beneficial to web content creators than ever before.


Writesonic’s main features

AI can create;

  • Digital Ad Copy (Google/Facebook Ads)
  • Product Descriptions (for eCommerce sites)
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • Copywriting formulas (AIDA Framework and Pain-Agitate-Solution)
  • Emails

Like Headlime, Writesonic’s AI can generate a landing page for you. It will save you hours of work and produce landing pages more effective than those you could create manually.

Through a single click, you can get as many as five landing page variations that you can choose from. The landing page structure is flawless, as if it were created by a professional marketer or top-rated landing page software. The text is almost 100% correct, with very few grammatical errors. Once you are satisfied with it, you can export the sample by downloading the HTML/CSS/JS code, which includes all images; therefore, the sample is ready-to-use for your campaigns.

New content will appear on your blog within a minute of publishing; however, creating a new post using the long-form writing tool may take longer than using the short-form one. The article is well-structured but the writing is not up to par and may need significant editing. To make your life easier, Writesonic has several editing tools to help you along. One of these is a content rephraser tool that allows you to rewrite sentences or paragraphs, depending on how much work they need. I recommend running all of your articles through this tool before submitting them to be published.

As of now, I still don’t find this feature very useful if you only need high-quality articles or copies. I think it will take more time before these AI tools can create excellent content on their own, although it has immense potential for those who plan to write your own content. You can use Writesonic’s brainstorming features to help you eliminate writer’s block and find topics to write about. These features include AI article outlines, listicle ideas, growth ideas, startup ideas, and more.

Writesonic has three pricing plans as follows:

  • Basic – $15 per month
  • Professional – $45 per month
  • Startup – $95 per month
  • Agency – $195 per month

All plans have the same features. The only difference between them is the number of credits provided for each plan.

When you create a text ad, you’ll be charged one credit (depending on your subscription plan). Landing pages will cost five credits. If you choose the Basic subscription plan, your monthly limit of text ads will be 75; if your subscription is Professional or higher, you can create as many text ads as you like. But if you subscribe to the Basic plan, each long-form blog post generated by the AI will consume 7 credits. This applies only to long-form blog posts; all other content is generated without cost.


  • Exceptional AI copywriting tools with many powerful features
  • Effortless to use
  • High-quality short-form content generation
  • Unlimited long-form generation (Agency plan only)
  • Create beautiful and readable landing pages in seconds + instantly download the code and images
  • Generate well-structured blog posts and articles
  • Active developers
  • Supports more than 20+ languages, including all western languages, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese
  • Free Trial (10 credits)


  • Articles generated by AI are still not well-written. Blatant factual errors are rampant.
  • A Shopify app and a browser extension are still not available

If you have a Basic account and plan to create long-form content, your monthly credit allotment will be depleted quickly, which means you won’t have any left over to create short-form content if you only plan to write blog posts or create landing pages, I think the Basic plan is sufficient on the other hand, if you are a blogger or a content marketer who needs to create numerous blog posts every month, I suggest considering the Professional plan and above; the Professional plan will generate 100 words per generation (150 for the Startup plan and 200 for the Agency plan), speeding up your content creation process.

On top of that, the Startup and Agency plans also grant access to Writesonic’s Shopify app (not yet available) and browser extensions to smoothen the content creation process. Bloggers with an unlimited budget who want to create higher volumes of content would do well to opt for the Agency plan, which does not limit content generation. Alternatively, you can start with the Professional plan and upgrade it later. Fifty generations per day are more than sufficient to create several top-notch blog posts.START WITH WRITESONIC


Copysmith is a copywriting tool that uses artificial intelligence to create ads and marketing content. I suggest you use this program if you need help quickly creating an ad for your business.

Copysmith’s features

  • Blog Ideas, Intro, Listicles, Meta descriptions
  • Headlines and primary text for ads (Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Product descriptions
  • Text for landing pages
  • Content Rewriting (Works in multiple languages)
  • Sales email

The best thing here is to add keywords for the AI to target or avoid when creating an advertising copy. This can help ensure we’re producing copy that’s well optimized for search engines and social media. You can try to create content in other languages, however, based on my experiment, the AI is very slow I would say it is not usable right now like CopyAI.

Copysmith can also help in your brainstorming process, as it can generate content ideas, social media captions, and blog outlines. Copysmith can also convert your bullet points into well-written paragraphs and write pain-benefit-solution marketing copies if you are building a brand but still cannot find a catchy brand slogan or tagline for your company.

Copysmith platform is remarkable in that it can create a blog post for you out of thin air. The advanced feature is straightforward to use once you provide more input, including an audience, blog post title, at least 120 words of content, and a handful of keywords. Once you’ve done so, the AI will generate samples in less than 30 seconds.

While the article is organized well, the sample are not high in quality. If you plan on using it for your research paper, still needs intensive editing and fact-checking.


  • Good AI writer: It even writes better than many human writers!
  • Fast and easy-to-use
  • Capable of creating a content piece or marketing copy in other languages
  • Keyword targeting
  • Blog post creation
  • Plagiarism checks
  • Powerful Integrations (You can now integrate Copysmith with Google Ads, Shopify, and Frase)


  • Fewer templates than peers
  • AI is very slow on content generation in other languages.
  • The quality of the blog post samples is indecent.
  • Unstable Pricing

Copysmith’s pricing has changed a lot since I published this post. The information below is the most accurate information that I have available to me from a price estimator on their website (August 2021).

  • Starter – $19 per month
  • Professional – $59 per month
  • Teams – $118 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom Pricing

All plans from the company have a lot in common. The Basic plan doesn’t feature blog post generation and an upper limit on the number of short-form content generations—this is because the 50 available credits are not enough, as sometimes you will need many generations to find appropriate content for your specific needs.

The Professional plan is the right choice for bloggers, copywriters and freelancers, as they will have access to blog post generation with no limits and up to 100 short-form content generations—this is because you will be able to reach all your goals faster. Moreover, it is quite obvious that the Starter plan is quite useless for professionals who need more than 50 content generations per month.START WITH COPYSMITH


If you have a multifaceted content strategy, Headlime can be integrated into your marketing plan.

Key Features

  • Product descriptions
  • Facebook/Instagram/Google Ads Headline and Link description
  • Website headline/subheadline
  • Sentence rewriting
  • Product pitch, taglines, and sales copy such as feature-to-benefit
  • Blog Ideas

Despite its similarity to CopyAI and Copysmith, you can input a tone of voice to the latter which allows it to be very persuasive in creating a marketing copy.

Headlime can create original articles in a variety of languages, including European languages, Chinese, and Japanese. Headlime can help you create an entire blog post with little to no human involvement — unlike some other tools which require that a human author create each article manually. Watch the tutorial below to learn more about how Headlime can help you start an article-publishing blog.

Furthermore, Headlime also offers helpful templates for people who want to write independently. These templates include convincing sentence structures for emails, ads with high conversion rates, popups, legal policies, surveys, cookie policies and more.

Pricing offers two pricing plans: The regular plan starts at $59 per month and includes one user seat, 1500 credits (for copying and editing social media ads), the platform’s other features, and 1 year of use.

The enterprise plan starts at $399, with three user seats, unlimited usages of each feature, unlimited copy credits, and all current features. Individual bloggers and content marketers will find the regular plan more than adequate, as it allows users thousands of ad copies. Marketing teams or enterprises can also subscribe to the enterprise plan, which is exceptionally pricey ($133/user seat).


  • Excellent AI copywriter
  • A lot of useful features
  • Works on 10+ languages
  • Excellent additional content tools (almost 2000 templates, AI Landing page builder)
  • Good collaboration tools
  • Excellent documentation


  • AI do not write blog posts well on sophisticated topics.
  • Pricey additional user seats



As the premier AI writing assistant and voiceover generator in existence, Writecream can offer you a vast array of tools to enhance your written and verbal materials.


  • Blog Ideas + Blog Intros
  • Social Ads and content (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Icebreakers for cold emails and outreach campaigns
  • Business Tools (Brainstorming ideas, Pitch an Angel.)
  • Website Copy (SEO Meta Descriptions, Hero Text, etc.) and Copywriting Formulas
  • Video &amp; Audio (Podcasts, Voice Notes, Video Script, etc.)

Writecream has not yet introduced a fully automated article writing tool like Writesonic, but you can create an article by using the long-form editor and short-form formulas. It is more time-consuming and challenging to do so, but it will give you more control over your work.

Writecream is an AI-powered email assistant that helps you send personalized messages to your target audience. For example, it can craft a message based on the data it gathered from my website(using my website as an example), the result shows that a writer can feel like having a natural conversation with Writecream. All results were found to be related to online training and software in general, which also reflects the niche of my website.

The built-in voiceover generator will help streamline your voiceover creation process. You can use AI to write the scripts for you and convert them into voiceovers using professional AI that I’ve found. The voice sounds realistic and computerized, but it will never seem awkward or odd.

Even so, this feature will significantly reduce the time it takes to create podcasts or voiceovers for your videos. You won’t have to use another software program, since Writecream can handle all relevant tasks. I like that all generations are lightning-fast. In some cases, you will get the results immediately.

Currently, Writecream offers three pricing plans as follows:

  • Free, 20 credits
  • Premium – $19 per month, 100 credits
  • Professional – $49 per month, 200 credits
  • Ultra – $69 per month, 800 credits

If you plan to do most of your work via text messaging, the Professional or Premium plan is sufficient. However, if you aim to use the voiceover feature and send icebreakers to numerous potential clients, the Ultra plan provides the best value for money—it gives you more monthly credits than the other two plans.


  • Excellent AI software that can perform tasks on content writing, voice-over generation, and outreach assistance
  • Extremely fast generations
  • High-quality results
  • Create audio and image icebreakers for your outreach campaigns to boost a success rate
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Support as many as 75 languages
  • Straightforward and fair pricing


  • No full-fledged AI article writer
  • No unlimited generations



AI copywriting tools should not be viewed as a substitute for human writers, but as an assistant in the writing process. By using these tools, you can spend hours less on writing your copy. Still, if you choose to subscribe to these services, you invest in your future. All copywriting tools mentioned here are developing rapidly.

They all offer new features, allowing you to write better copy and content.   They all upgrade their platform to produce more natural language processing/machine learning deep learning models, which will create more authentic, human-like writing that no one could imagine.



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